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Welcome To Wandsworth Lions FC (WLFC)

Wandsworth Lion's Football Club (WLFC) is a FA Chartered Standard football club based in Wandsworth.

Our aim is to provide a football club where players within the Wandsworth borough can get quality coaching to enhance their development as they learn how to play the game.

We also have a soccer school which welcome all abilities to bridge the gap between our centre of excellence 

A player with a Lions heart is never scared; at WLFC we look to develop young technically-sound players who are brave on the ball and trust in their ability to be able to play the beautiful game in a positive way.

"Technique is not being able to juggle a ball 1000 times. Anyone can do that by practising. Then you can work in the circus. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your team mate." - Johan Cruyff


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