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Wandsworth Lion's Football Club (WLFC) centre of excellence is invitation only.

Our aim is to provide a platform where children age 5 to 16 who are ready to compete can showcase their ability during their development phase and competitive phase of their football journey.


60% of our players are invited from development centre, with a further 40% from our holiday camps or annual trials. A player would need to show commitment, great attitude to learning (coachable) and working within a team as well as good to excellent ability to be invited.


The teams are split into two categories which is development phase and competitive phase.

We also have an elite phase where players who excel both in training and matches are invited for a small group session.

Visit our COE trials page for trials, or scroll down to enrol.


Development phase is the start of Wandsworth Lions FC players journey in playing matches against other opponents. Under FA rule, age groups from under 6 to under 11 participate in development matches where results are not permitted to be shown. These matches are friendlies with a competitive edge to help player development.

From the age of 5 (school year 1), Wandsworth Lions FC will look to select children from our soccer school and annual trials who shows readiness to compete. These players who show enthusiasm to playing competitive football will be invited to arranged friendly matches where they can showcase their skills. These matches allows coaches to see how a player is developing at our sessions, and whether he/she is capable of playing regular competitive football.

It is important that players are not forced but rather encouraged to participate in friendly matches. Those who excel and show interest in competing will then be invited to represent our Wandsworth Lions during their competitive phase of their development from under 12 (school year 7).

Saturday Team

Sunday Team


Competitive phase is when our players are officially entered into a league and start competing for points against other teams, and league table is displayed.

During competitive phase, players will not only focus on technical aspect of football, but we will also look to add the light gym sessions, classroom theory work and tactical briefing as will as the importance of nutrient and nurturant.

Majority of players selected for our competitive age group would have come through our development phase, with a few coming from annual trials or holiday camps.

Players selected for our competitive phase must be able to combine football education with their school education as we view both as important. As lions, we take pride in all aspect of players development whether school or football. 

Sunday Team

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